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  Brief introduction
   PS48120/1800 power system is Emerson Network Power set many years of development and experience in running online, using DSP technology, designed to meet the needs of communication networks is highly reliable, high power density, high-performance all-digital communications power systems. The system provides excellent performance, such as intelligent battery monitoring, remote control and battery protection function, with the integration of the AC and DC power distribution cabinet, and an optional 1 to 3 groups battery. Optional DPC48-3 module, 6V, 12V, 24V power for the user to use. PS48120/1800 power system communication network access, transmission, railway station, wireless base stations.

   System Features
   Full Frontal operation and maintenance, to adapt to China's national conditions
   Wide input voltage range (85Vac ~ 300Vac), power grids and adaptable
   Rectifier Operating ambient temperature range (-40 ~ 70 ℃), high environmental adaptability
   Rectifier module with full digital DSP control technology, high power density
   Rectifier module uses the comprehensive soft switch technology, the rated efficiency up to 91%
   Comply with UL, CE, NEBS, a variety of domestic and international standards, suitable for residential areas environment
   AC side, DC side, signal the end of a full range of lightning protection design
   Improve the battery management function, improve battery life
   The perfect fault protection, fault alarm function
   Record of 10 set of battery test data can be recorded 200 historical alarm records
   Injury-free hot-swappable and online maintenance, convenient

   AC power distribution
   Parameters of technical indicators Description
   Power supply single-phase three-wire
   Input voltage 85V-300Vac, two-way manually switch (X1 type)
                      125V-285Vac, two auto-switching (X2 type)
   The input open space 2 * 63A/2P
   Output open space 1 * 16A/1P X2 type (X1 no)

   DC power distribution
   Parameters of technical indicators Description
   Rated voltage -42 ~-58Vdc
   Load a total capacity of 100A
   Battery fuse 100A *
   Output branch of 7-way
                         1 * 63A/1P, 2 * 32A/1P, 1 * 10A / 1 open space
                         1 * 100ANT00, 1 * 50ANT00, 1 * 6ANT00 fuse

   Rectifier module R48-18   00A
   Input characteristics:
   Input voltage: 85 to 300Vac (85 to 176Vac lowering power output)
   Enter the grid frequency: 45 ~ 65Hz
   Power Factor: ≧ 0.99
   Output characteristics:
   Output DC voltage: -42 ~-58V
   Output Current: 0 ~ 33A
   Rated efficiency: ≧ 91%
   Maximum output power: 1740W

   Temperature limit power characteristics
   45 ° C at full power output
   55 ℃ 1450W output
   65 ℃ 1160W output

   Monitoring module M500D
   Alarm function:
   The monitoring unit to sound and light alarm system failure, and at the same time can be reported to the backstage host
   Historical alarm records stored 200 recording function key operation
   8-way auxiliary alarm relay output
   Alarm sound, time controllable

   Battery management features:
   Are automatically float; intelligent charging current limiting management; under load electricity; battery protection; discharge test; 10 battery test record
   Battery discharge test; regular discharge, constant current discharge, short-time discharge the battery anomaly detection
   Control functions:
   The rectifier module switch machine; finishing module current limit, voltage regulator; battery pack charge / float / test conversion; under load electricity; battery protection

   Remote interface
   RS232, MODEM (optional) Internet access (optional)

   DC / DC converter DPC48-3
   43VDC ~ 60VDC input voltage range
   The output voltage of the nominal value of 24V, 12V, 6V
   Output voltage range of 22 ~ 28.5V, 11 ~ 14.2V, 5.5 ~ 7.1V
   Rated power output of 6V 12V 24V
                                      0W 0W 0W
                                      30W 100W 100W
                                      60W 200W 200W
   Note: 1, three voltage type can be any combination of 2, can only choose one of each voltage type power

   Mechanical parameters
   Parts Dimensions H * W * D (mm) Weight
   The monitoring module 87 * 85 * 287 0.8kg
   Rectifier Module 87.9 * 85.3 * 272 2.0kg
   Cabinet 2000 * 600 * 600 ≦ 110kg (X1 type)
    2000 * 600 * 600 ≦ 120kg (X2 type)

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