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+Product Introduction

OptiX OSN1500

OptiX OSN1500 intelligent optical transmission system is a new generation of integrated 2.5G/622M multiservice optical transport platform (MSTP),
+Product Details

Product Overview

OptiX OSN1500 intelligent optical transmission system is a new generation of integrated 2.5G/622M multiservice optical transport platform (MSTP), which inherits all features of the MSTP technology, maintains compatibility with traditional SDH, MSTP network, an integration of SDH, PDH, Ethernet, WDM, ATM, ESCON, FC / FICON, the DVB-ASI (Digital Video Broadcast- Asynchronous Serial Interface) and RPR technologies and it is mainly used in the access stratum of the metropolitan area network, providing perfect solutions for the smooth evolution from the present SDH application to the intelligent optical network equipment. It mainly used in highway access network communications systems.

Product Features

Cost-effective platform.

OptiX OSN7500/3500/2500/1500 business panels and the software is fully compatible and forms a unified platform. By this, it can greatly reduce the cost of maintenance and spare parts. OSN Intelligent Platform has an efficient combination of operational capacity, offering the highest cost-effective solutions to operators, at the same time, it has hybrid network together with the existing Huawei’ equipment and can fit into Huawei's optical network network management solution for unified management.

Flexible device configuration

the compatible device STM-16/4;

support for the online upgrade of network equipment from 622M to 2.5G

Large capacity scheduling

Support for 20G higher lower order ‘s full cross: the higher order 128 x 128 VC-4, the lower order 8064 × 8064 VC-12 or the equivalent of the VC-3 cross-connect capability.

Multiservice provider

Business interface

Supports STM-1 (O / E);

supports STM-4/16 standard or cascade business;

Supports E1/T1/E3/T3/E4;

supports transparent transmission and switching of FE, GE operations;

Supports ATM services;

Supports SAN and video services;

provide fast GMPLS-based end-to-end business.

Highly integrated

The sub-rack integration: sub-rack size is 221mm (H) x 444mm (W) × 262mm (D), the single sub-rack has nine business board positions and 4 interface board positions.

Flexible Installation

Cassette equipment, 5U height , supports the installation of 19 cabinet, ETSI 300 deep cabinet, wall-hanging these three installation option.

Strong networking capability

supports Mesh network immediate click, Plug and use.

Supports Mesh network upgrading and expansion at any rate online;

Supports Mesh network’ up to 40 light directions networking;

Supports the various SDH network topology of chain, ring, intersecting ring, tangent ring;

Support RPR, VP-RING ring;
The sub-rack can achieve 1 × STM-16 four-fiber ring or 2 × STM-16 two-fiber ring.

Built-in wavelength division technology

provides Dual optical bifurcation multiplexing board;
Provides any rate wavelength conversion board.

thorough network survivability mechanism

Mesh restoration

Support for distributed protection of recoverable reroute;

provides five types of detailed business protection programs, according to the different SLA, it provides diamond, gold, silver, bronze, iron level businesses.

SDH protection

Supports 2F/4F MSP, SNCP, DNI, sharing a light virtual path protection.

Protection of data services

Support for Ethernet business RPR ring network protection, STP spanning tree protection;

Support ATM service VP-RING ring protection.

Complete equipment protection mechanisms

The intelligent control unit protection: 1 +1 hot backup;

Supports key elements such as intersection, clock 1 +1 hot backup protection;

Power protection;

TPS protection.

Physical characteristics

OptiX OSN1500A

Power access-48V DC, achieves the AC 110V/220V access by external UPM;

Installation ways: Wall mounting and the ETSI 300mm deep cabinet, the ETSI 600mm deep cabinet or installed in a 19-inch rack;

Dimensions: 131mm (H) x 444mm (W) × 262mm (D);

Typical weight: 12.7kg;

Typical power consumption: 135W.

OptiX OSN1500B

Power access:-48V DC, 220V AC access external UPM;

Installation WAY; Wall mounting and the ETSI 300mm deep cabinet, the ETSI 600mm deep cabinet, installed in a 19-inch rack;

Dimensions 221mm (H) x 444mm (W) × 262mm (D);

Typical weight: 16kg;

Typical power consumption:160W.