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    Shenzhen Hua Jia Hui Technology Co., Ltd is a specialized company, which was found in 1998 with registered fund of 11 million RMB, integrating with products buying and selling, communication engineering construction and computer network system integration. The company possesses National Certificate of Enterprise Qualification on Building Intellectualization (Level II) and Qualification on Telecommunication Engineering Contract, and was certified as National Hi-Tech Enterprise in 2013. With great reputation and sophisticated technics, the company offers the best services to a wide range of clients.

About Us

    Facing the fierce market competition with ten years of accumulation, the company has built a “Triple H” team (high quality, high qualified and high efficiency). Up to today, the company owes 50 employees, of which 90% workers have obtained bachelor’s degree or above, and 50% were technician with medium and high technical titles.

    The company has bought a bunch of advanced test meters and construction equipment, which shows the technology innovative ability of the company. The company has created gross profit up to 1,500 million RMB from 2004 to present, and the company has undertook projects more than 800 of which the total project investment is about 2,500 million RMB. All the projects have been completed with a best quality rate of 99%, and multiple projects have won the Municipal engineering award.

    Recent years, the company cooperated with China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom and has undertaken telecommunication construction projects. Basically, the company has completed SDH backbone transmission network for the 3 BIG Operators (China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom), 3G communication site of China Mobile, Major account transmission of China Telecom, Switching, Power supply, FTTX equipment, DDN Network, Data private line, communication pipe line and intelligent community project.

    The company always sticks to the principle of pragmatism, rationality, innovation, specialty, tolerance and transcendence; uphold the business guideline of focusing on basics, developing outside, standing domestically, developing cross-industry business and self-dependence; obey to the service aim of customer first, quality first and service first, and to take “training high qualified personnel and building best engineering project” as the sustainable business guidelines. At the same time, taking the market oriented method and meeting the customer’s requirement so as to create the company to be the world class communication enterprise.



▶ Shenzhen Hua Jia Hui Technology Co., Ltd was found.



▶ Obtained National Certificate of Enterprise Qualification on Building Intellectualization (Level II)

▶ Got Work Safety License of Guangdong Province

▶ Cooperated with Shenzhen Borderline inspection station to finish national communication project



▶ Become the pre-selected contractor of communication engineering of Shenzhen Airport (group) co., ltd. Have been done 58 single projects from 2007 to 2014.

▶ Cooperated with China Unicom, undertook premises network projects in Shenzhen Nanshan district and established cooperation and sharing agreement



▶ Cooperated with Shenzhen Metro Group, completed pipeline migration in airport area of line 1 and realized the historical change of airport hotline from 2777XXXX to 2345XXXX.

▶ Work with China Telecom, undertook construction of transmission, switching, FTTX equipment in Shenzhen region till today.



▶ Enlargement of register fund and company scale.

▶ Cooperated with Shenzhen Metro Group, finished connection pipe line migration in airport station of metro line 1, which realized the seamless connection between the airport station and the terminal building.

▶ Work with China Mobile to construct the SDH transmission network in Shenzhen, and construction of communication equipment in 3G mobile site.

▶ Obtained the quality management system certification ISO9001-2008



▶ Work with Bureau of public works of Shenzhen municipality for extension pipeline migration project in Southern mainline so as to realize the connection between the old and new terminal building, and paves the way for T3 new terminal building on passenger boarding or landing.

▶ Obtained Quality, Service and Integrity Triple A enterprise certificate.



▶ Obtained Shenzhen Hi-Tech Enterprise

▶ Obtained National Hi-Tech Enterprise

▶ Cooperated with China Telecom and improved the cooperating way; being the year of the business partner in premises network investment of Shenzhen Telecom.



▶ The company has been the pre-selected contractor in 7 consecutive years with Shenzhen Airport Group, and has signed long term cooperation agreement with Air Traffic control center and Civil aviation.


Product Service

Huawei products

OSN Series:OSN500、OSN1500、OSN2500、OSN3500、OSN7500、OSN6800、


Metro Series:Metro100、Metro500、Metro1000、Metro2050、Metro3000、


Switch Series:C&C08 (digital spc switch)、PCM (equipment) HONET FA16、MA5600/MA5605

Equipment for broadband access network

PTN Series:PTN910、PTN950、PTN1900、PTN3900

EPON Series:OLT (Equipment) MA5680T、ONU DSL (Equipment) MA5620E、ONU LAN (Equipment)



ZTE Products

Transmission Series:ZXMP S200、ZXMP S325、ZXMP S330、ZXMP S385

Switch Series:ZXMP BX-10

PTN Series:PTN6100、PTN6200、PTN6300

EPON Series:OLT(Equipment) ZXA10 C220、ONU DSL(Equipment) ZTE 9806H、ONU LAN(Equipment) ZTE F822

Power supply products

Emerson Power Supply:PS48120/1800、PS48300/1800、PS48600-3A\2900


Engineering Project:

    Building intellectualization: Premise Distribution System, Computer Network System, Intelligent Building Video Conference System, Intelligent Monitoring System, Multimedia Broadcasting System, Building Intercom System, Home Intellectualization System, Parking Lot System and Building Automation System


Technical Support

Pre-sales technical support (7×24 hrs)

     The pre-sales technical support will offer a 7×24 service for the customer so as to make the best understanding of the products and design before them buying any products. It concludes below listed services but not limited to: General system consultant, product consultant, hardware consultant, software consultant and data consultant. We will help our clients via email or telephone to understand the products and function of the products they need for their own project


After-sales Technical Support (7×24)

    After-sales technical support means that once the equipment works in an abnormal state or client meets some questions during operation, clients or users can call, fax and email us for technical support. After we confirmed the request, we will arrange technical support to help locating the fault point, raising solutions and solving the issue. In the dealing process, we will offer different solution such as telephone support, long distance support and onsite technical support based on different issues. We can also provide repair services and emergency backup plan, which includes hardware malfunction repair, software malfunction repair and other requirements.

    We will offer patrol service provide that maintenance contract signed. We will send engineer for onsite inspection periodically to locate potential risks so as to reduce odds of malfunction and keep the equipment running stable and steady.