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Huawei Electric Telecommunication Transmission Network Solution

The Release Time:2017-08-23 The number of reading:1541

    Power transmission and transformation communication network is a basic platform which carries varieties of services for electric power company such as dispatching telephone, relay protection, SCADA, Office Automation and multimedia. Its reliability has much influence on each automation system operation and then the power grid.

    Traditional Power transmission and transformation communication network mainly carries TDM services like Voice and relay protection. With the establishment of global power grid information and uprising of IP services such as telepresence meeting, video surveillance, OA and ERP, traditional communication network can’t carry them any longer. Thus, higher bandwidth and safer and more reliable smart communication network is required to support the new electric power service.

    The entire power transmission and transformation communication network is established by the way of OTN/WDM + EPTN + IP + Microwave network patching, and all these are bearing the ASON function.

    Huawei OTN equipment will be deployed in the communication network at and between each control center and some major high voltage substations so as to realize the power transmission network can transmit in a long haul and large capacity way. By adopting OTN equipment, it can not only save an awful of optical cable resources to provide huge bandwidth capacity, but also can meet the long term development. Meanwhile, OTN equipment can carry all kinds of services, which apparently can meet the needs of diversity development in future.

    In some medium and low voltage substations and county control center, EPTN optical transmission equipment is required. Holding tight the theory of partition, classification and hierarchy, and according to power grid structure, voltage level and regional interconnection situation, therefore a power transmission and transformation communication network is formed to fit perfectly with the power grid.

    Huawei will supply the whole series of EPTN optical transmission equipment which are adaptive to the access layer, convergence layer and core layer, and relevant products could be selected to for the network according to the service traffic and development plan of the power grid. To form single ring, multiple ring or mesh network via EPTN, and make sure TDM service are carried when merge multiple services like IP into it. Afterward, introduce ASON when the Mesh network is forming up so as to enhance the network reliability. Meanwhile, Huawei MSTP/EPTN equipment can directly connect to low speed rate of PCM signals by embedded PAM board to realize all kinds of electric power access to the equipment secondarily without connecting to another PCM. The network diagram is as follow: 图1.jpg

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