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Huawei Wind Power Plant Basic Network Solution

The Release Time:2017-08-23 The number of reading:1593

    Wind power plant uses wind energy to generate electricity. As it is easy to be influenced caused voltage fluctuation by natural environment, and it has to collect large amount of information and issue control instruction real-timely. Thus, higher requirement on reliability, safety and broadband of wind power plant has been put up with.

    Huawei, after fully considering such factors as safety and reliability, multiple services, flexible network, management and monitoring and cost control, they have presented this wind power communication network on the basis of xPON technology, and realized data interfaces such as PON, FE and RS232/485, which provide solid communication foundation to real-time wind power production monitoring.

    Topology of networks of xPON communication consists of ring form, chain and tree shaped structure, which can save investment fund on optical fiber, increase utility rate of fiber resources and realize the extension of wind power communication network. At the same time, it ensures the 1+1 protection function between step-up substation and wind turbine generator so as to realize 50ms protection switching.

    This solution featured with high bandwidth service that carried by single fiber bi-directionally and passive technology all the way. Above said features meet the requirements of smart grid, such as strong and reliable, economical and efficient, energy saving and environment protecting, transparent development and friendly interaction, which are the best technical option for wind power plant communication. Topology of xPON communication network solution in wind power plant as follow:


xPON communication solution


xPON data flow chart

    xPON communication network consists of below said four parts:




installation   location

OLT(Optical Line Terminal)

OLT is the   front end equipment of xPON, responsible for ONU access and convergence

 All the   information collected by the wind turbine generator monitoring system was   converged into OLT and transmitted to the system and send instruction to ONU.   While in upstream, it can connect to power scheduling data network and it can   be the switching equipment of the Ethernet network in central control room of   the wind power plant.

Step-up substation / Control center

ODN(Optical Distribution Network)

ODN equipment   was placed in access layer, which serves as the optical channel between OLT   and ONU

Send the monitoring date collected   from the wind turbine generator by ONU to OLT in step-up substation, or   transmit the control information in wind turbine generator monitoring system   to the wind turbine generator via ONU

 Chose as per   engineering situation

ONU(Optical Network Unit)

 ONU is the terminal equipment of xPON

collect and   transmit wind turbine generator’s data and issue control instruction when   receive it from monitoring system

each wind   turbine generator


Network   Management System

Long distance   management on all the equipment in the network. It supports multiple ways of   managing and maintaining such as software configuration without going to the   site, long-distance acceptance, updating and patching, malfunction locating.

Step-up substation / Control center

    Related products: XPON series OLT equipment: SmartAX MA5680/MA5683T; Electrical power exclusive ONU equipment: SmartAX MA5621/MA5621A and U2000 NMS

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