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Huawei eLTE Urban Railway System Solution

The Release Time:2017-08-23 The number of reading:1436

    Based upon advanced 4G LTE technology, Huawei eLTE Urban Railway System solution aims to meet the abundant demands of metro carrier such as PIS (Passenger Information System), Car Video Surveillance, CBTC (Automatic train control system based on wireless communication) and Bandwidth trunk cluster, to provide varieties of services such as voice, data and video between vehicles and metro with bidirectional, constant and higher reliability wireless transmission channel, and to improve the comprehensive operation ability of the Railway System.

    Traditional metro wireless communication network is formed by TETRA+WiFi, and then used to carry the wireless service between vehicles and metro. TERTA network is responsible for voice scheduling, but as it is narrowband trunk cluster, it cannot support the large traffic data service and cannot meet the new requirement of modern metro services. Though WiFi mainly focus on video surveillance and CBTC transmission, and with its high flexible compatibility, it is easy to be interfered by hotspot like cellphone. What’s more, its packet lost rate will soar up quickly once the train speeds over 80km/h. All these disadvantages possess much higher potential risk for the railway system whose stress that safety first, and those disadvantages must be solved as soon as possible.

    Based on LTE technology, eLTE railway system solution has its anti-interference technology, and it still can keep up a very low level of packet lose rate even if the speed of the train goes up to 200km/h, which it ensures the data transmitted accurately. With an upstream speed rate of 50Mbps and downstream speed rate of 100Mbps, the advantage of the broadband transmission ensures the smooth transmission of the large data like video and voice message. To some extent, eLTE railway system solution updated the existing network and covered up its disadvantages which bring us accurate, fast and safe data transmission in a constant and bidirectional way. Therefore, LTE broadband digital cluster technology integrated with voice, video and data will be and must be the best choice for metro operation and emergency.

    Besides we can count on technical part, the wireless communication network under the vehicles, which was established on the basis of eLTE railway system solution, owes a very stable and reliable cost. After the whole communication system has been completed, eLTE signal in one site can cover up around 1.2 km, while for AP signal of WiFi can only cover within 200 meters. In this case, the site that covered by eLTE railway system will be reduced, which means that the whole maintenance cost will be cut down too compare with the previous network, and it can bring up much more value than that of previous network.

    By adopting this innovative eLTE railway system solution, Huawei and Zhengzhou Railway Transportation Corporation have together opened a new wireless communication era in urban railway system. We believe, with the success of line No.1, that Huawei eLTE urban railway system solution will become the best choice for newly built road, even for the updating of the existing road.