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+Product Introduction

OptiX Metro3000

OptiX 2500+(Metro3000) STM-16 MADM / MSTP optical transmission system (hereinafter referred to as the OptiX 2500+) device is a multi-service transport platform (MSTP) equipment.
+Product Details

Product Overview

OptiX 2500+(Metro3000) STM-16 MADM / MSTP optical transmission system (hereinafter referred to as the OptiX 2500+) device is a multi-service transport platform (MSTP) equipment. The device is the SDH / ATM / Ethernet / DWDM technology integration; it not only has SDH equipment and flexible networking and service scheduling capability (MADM), but also can through 2-layers’ data services, achieve ATM / Ethernet service access, processing, transmission and scheduling in a single device multiple services such as voice, data transmission and processing.

Product Features

High-capacity, multi-rate and multi-protocol access.

Metro3000 system has a higher-level order cross capacity of 128 × 128 VC4, low-level cross capacity of 2016 × 2016 VC12, according to VC-12, VC-3 or VC-4 level cross-connect ports business sub-rack has 96 STM-1 access capability. (REG / TM / ADM / MADM) any combination of the various modes of operation, to ensure that the system has good compatibility design and expansion capabilities. System can access data services: Ethernet interfaces, ATM interfaces, and support for N * 64k service interface V.24/V.35/X.21 other service access and aggregation business of small particles access and aggregation, the DDN network optimization and base station monitoring information transfer provide the operators with more solutions.

Powerful MADM, flexible networking and configuration capabilities,

Quite flexible Metro3000 system configuration ,Each NE can be configured as a single STM-4/STM-16 TM or ADM system and can also be configured for STM-1, STM-4, STM-16 interface combinations MADM system . It can realize cross-connections between the multiple system, and has the ability to evolve from the TDM traffic to data services smoothing. The system uses a large-scale cross-connect matrix and robust software design, the MADM self-healing ring network to provide fast and reliable network protection, at the same time , it uses a distributed scheduling, change from the centralized scheduling features of the original business to many multi-madm with full cross ability collaborated together to reduce the complexity of the network structure. It has equipment to meet a variety of network topologies, including point-to-point, linear, ring, mesh shaped complex network and large network networking need, and can also be used as the MAN edge access layer aggregation and transmission business, and to achieve the complex network deployment of many kinds of integrated businesses and routing protection.

meet the diversity of business needs

Tricyclic unity

based on the MSTP platform-based design, it uses the embedded RPR technology, achieving a physical loop RPR ring, SDH ring, ATM, VP ring three logical loop shared ring network bandwidth, to achieve the full ring network bandwidth statistical multiplexing.

Encapsulation protocol optional and mapping particles adjustable

Ethernet veneer offers GFP / LAPS / PPP these three package agreement, you can select the desired package through network management protocols. In the case of various manufacturers encapsulation protocol , this function greatly enhance the interoperability of the network.

The Ethernet board to provide VC12/VC3/VC4 mappings particles and map the particle number can be flexibly adjusted. This feature fully meet the needs of the customers dynamically and adjust the bandwidth of data services.

Offers a variety of Ethernet business model

Ethernet card provides a variety of Ethernet business application modes: transparent transmission, aggregation, the ring network sharing mode; widely used mode of aggregation can achieve: FE-> FE, FE-> GE, GE-> GE business needs fully meet our customers' business needs.

Ethernet port aggregation is strongest

Ethernet card provides FE businesses maximum 24:1, 48:1 convergence of the GE business, the strongest specifications in the industry. Port aggregation capability can enhance the networking capability of the device, so that the user's investment costs can be reduced to a minimum. Especially for the conduct of private line services, port aggregation ability, the stronger, the more to save ports, thus saving the user's investment.

Close to the customer's full data capabilities

offers embedded RPR LCAS Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme, CAR Committed Access Rate, the key features of the Ethernet floor of the exchange, enhance business processing capabilities to improve business QOS. Equipment and provide full ATM functionality to meet the business needs of the whole data.

Reliable and complete protection to strengthen the network survivability.

The Metro3000 provide comprehensive business protection system:

Device-level protection:

Key unit (cross, clock, power supply) support 1 +1 hot backup equipment protection;

TPS protection:

Support 1.5M/2M/34M/45M/155M 1: n slip protection and support 2M 155M mixed with 1: n protection (n <= 8). TPS protection of the passive protection becomes active protection to vitalize assets and improve network security.

Network-level protection:

2F/4F MSP, PP, SNCP, DNI, shared fiber virtual path protection etc,

Shared fiber virtual path protection:

Virtual path protection using optical fiber in accordance with the logic subsystem by sharing, in order to improve the SDH network survivability and bandwidth resource utilization, about to each fiber bandwidth resources in accordance with VC4 units of any division, respectively to different logical sub-classified system, each logical subsystem can be selected independently in accordance with the characteristics of the transmission business a different way of protection, such an optical fiber can simultaneously support a variety of protected business to get the best protection.

Network-level link layer service protection:

ATM VP-Ring protection offered by ATM ring network business to ensure reliable transmission, and to enhance network survivability; as for Ethernet business, it offers RP-RING protection to enhance the network survivability.

Physical characteristics:
OptiX 2500+ equipment is mainly installed in the ETSI 600mm cabinet.

Cabinet type

Cabinet size

Cabinet weight(kg)

ETS300 119Standard

600mm Deep cabinet

2600 mm (height) x 600 mm (width) x600 mm (depth);


2200 mm (height) x 600 mm (width) x600 mm (depth);


2000 mm (height) x 600 mm (width) x600 mm (depth);


OptiX 2500+sub-rack size is:668mm(H)×530mm(W)×542mm(D), a sub-rack’s weight is 27kg。