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+Product Introduction

OptiX Metro5000

OptiX 10G(Metro5000) is a 10Goptical transmission equipment, has many advantages including large capacity, high integration level, flexible configuration and networking as well as large capacity lower-order convergence scheduling etc.
+Product Details

OptiX 10G(Metro5000) is a 10Goptical transmission equipment, has many advantages including large capacity, high integration level, flexible configuration and networking as well as large capacity lower-order convergence scheduling etc.

Product features

great capability of cross-connection

The cross clock board provides higher-order cross-connection with a 120G capacity.

The lower-order cross-connection board provides lower-order cross-connection with a 10G capacity.

Hybrid cross-connection clock board provides 120G capacity higher-order cross-connection and 5G capacity lower-order cross-connection.

The enhance hybrid cross-connection and clock processing board provides 120G capacity higher-order cross-connection and 20G capacity lower-order cross-connection.

support for various NE configuration and MADM

The configuration of the equipment OptiX 10G(Metro5000) is quite flexible, each NE not only can be configurated as a single REG, TM, ADM or the combination of them, but also can be configurated as the combination of STM-1,STM-4, STM-16 and STM-64 interfaces , which is the MADM system, which helps to achieve the cross-connection between the services of many systems.

rich service access types

OptiX 10G(Metro5000) supports the access of the following services:

SDH signals of STM-64、STM-16、STM-4、STM-1(o)、STM-1(e) rates and the OTU-2 signal conform to ITUG.709,

VC-4c service, VC4-64c、VC4-16c、VC4-8c and cascade service of VC4-4c,

GE optical signal, 100M FE optical signal and 10/100M FE electrical signal,

E1 interface electrical signal.

higher board integration level

The improvement of the board integration level makes the service access capability of OptiX 10G(Metro5000) system become very great.

flexible networking capability

Supports various topological forms including chain-shape networking, star-shape networking, two fiber/four fiber ring network, band chain, tangent ring, intersection ring, ring network communication between business.

perfect protection mechanism

OptiX 10G(Metro5000) equipment protection mechanism includes equipment-level protection and network-level protection.

Provides 1+1 hot backup protection of cross board, clock board and power board, at the same time, it can support the protection of 2 sets lower-order cross boards ( 2 sets 10 G or 1 set 20G, 1set 10G or 1set 10G, 1 set 5G);

Supports the board-level power protection of SLO1、SLH1、SLQ4、SLQ4A、SP16、APQ1、EFS4、EGS2;

Supports 2 sets 1:N(N≤5) TPS protection of STM-1 or E1electrical signal interface board;

Supports two fiber/four fiber Multiplexing Section Protection (MSP), shares optical fibervitual path protection, DNI protection etc..

Supports higher-order and lower-order service SNCP protection, supports the switch between SNCP support and general services and can change the recovery mode of SNCP dynamically.

Supports 1+1, 1:1, 1:N linear multiplex section protection (MSP) and supports VC-4 level multiplex section suppression function.

great ECC processing capacity

OptiX 10G(Metro5000) can provide as many as 80 road ECC processing ability to fully meet the requirements of the complex network.

a network management system with perfect function

Based on Windows 2000 and UNIX operating system, network management system OptiX iManager can have integrated operation, maintenance and management (OAM) towards OptiX 10G and other OptiX optical transmission system components of the complicated network , to realize bandwidth resources transmission, circuit configuration and operation, ensure the safe operation of the network.

Power and environment monitoring function

The separation of all power supply mode, double road 48v input, providing power supply voltage and environmental temperature monitoring ability, performance will be more safety and reliable.

Physical characteristics

OptiX 10G(Metro5000) optical transmission cabinets can be classified as 3 categories, and their differences mainly lies in their heights, their sizes and weights are as follows:




At the top of the OptiX 10G (Metro5000) cabinet, a power box is installed, through which the external -48V supplies  power to the cabinet. It supports 2-road backup working style of the -48V power, and at the same time, it provides the switching in interfaces of 6-road external alarm and the output interface of 2-road cabinet alarm, which facilitates the management of the equipment operation.

OptiX 10G(Metro5000) sub-cabinet size is 845mm(H)×450mm(W)×490mm(D),the weight of a sub-cabinet is21kg.