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After-sale Service

Technical Training

Making personalization plan according to what customers have bought and its practical application.

1.Product Hardware introduction: training on kind, function, settings and structure of the actual used products.

2.Equipment application: Training on equipment function, operation method, service configuration according to customer’s requirements on the equipment.

3.Network Management and Monitor: Training on operation items and equipment monitor according to the network requirement in using the equipment.

4.Product design and maintenance: Training on hardware operation and maintenance environment according to the condition and environment of the equipment that are using.


Equipment Repair

Providing Huawei and ZTE products repair services, which mainly consists of SDH optical transmission equipment, PBX and broadband equipment.

Specific equipment listed as below:

1.SDH optical transmission equipment: OptiX Metro1000, OptiX 2500+(Metro3000), OptiX OSN1500B, OptiX OSN2500, OptiX OSN3500, OptiX OSN7500, OSN8800, PTN1900, PTN910, PTN950, PTN3900, ZXMP S325, ZXMP S330, ZXMP S385.

2.PBX equipment: B2000, FA16, HONET UA5000, ZXMP BX10.

3.Broadband Equipment: SmartAX MA5600, MA5616, MA5680T, MA5620, MA5626.

Please contact us if you want to know more information and other types of the products.